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As Chicagoland’s premier plastering contractor, we bring the highest quality products and craftsmanship in the industry to your project, while adhering to budget and schedule. Our core competencies allow us to serve your specific needs with the greatest chance for success. Developed over decades of hard work, we are ready now more than ever to listen and deliver.

To add value and create opportunities that benefit our people, customers, and communities for a brighter tomorrow. We value client partnerships and look to build long term relationships spanning multiple projects.

Responsive and collaborative in meeting your goals, our team has a breadth of experience to address your challenges. We love solving problems, let us go to work for you.

Our quality is unmatched, offering true integrity in construction is doing what’s right even with the unseen, not just what is observed in the final product.

Passive House - Skyline Plastering

We specialize in highly technical and sizable projects:

  • Vertical Buildings (High, Medium, and Low-Rise)
  • Historical Renovation & Preservation
  • Schedule Driven Projects Requiring Extra Man Power
  • High End Commercial
  • Higher Level of Detail (Many Cornice & Trims, Excessive Reveals, etc)
  • Higher Level of Quality (Smooth Applications, Pearlescent Smooth Metallic Finishes)
  • Projects with Difficult Access (Above Adjacent Properties, Railways, Tight Site Footprints

We continue to uphold core values that lead our daily decisions as a team, the result is consistency over time.

We carry EIFS Insurance (this additional insurance policy specifically excluded from other GL policies) helping customers limit their long-term risk.

Ritz Carlton Interior
Hilton Garden - Skyline Plastering
  • High Rise?
  • Curved?
  • Difficult to Access?
  • Intricate Detail?
  • Tough Schedule?
  • Winter Weather?
  • Low Budget?
  • LEED?
  • Performance-Focused?
  • Finest Quality?
  • Huge Project?
  • Historical Restoration?
  • Out of Town?

We have you covered, Skyline was built by addressing our clients’ unique challenges.

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